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The Famous and the Food (6)

Semmelknödel uit de Duitse super
Prima spul
Zelf maken = enorm gelazer en zeker niet beter

Sarah Bernardt, Simon and Garfunkel...

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Sarah Bernardt

With all this [Sarah Bernhardt at 65] continued to entertain in her backstage dining room with late supper parties or meals beteween matinees and evening performances. Sometimes, especially as her leg grew worse, she'd spare herself the stairs to her dining room and hold a luncheon on the stage itself. Hostess and guests would sit at some large prop table placed amid a setting of scenery especially put up by apparently willing stage hands who, having yet to be unionized, didn't know the meaning of overtime. The scenic effects varied according to the season...In her boulevard Pereire hotel her dinners and luncheons were kept us as lavishly as they had been for the last twenty years. each meal was a banquet over which she presided like royalty on a sort of coronation chair at the head of a table that was heaped with flowers summer and winter. At her place was chisled gold goblet of Holy Grail proportions, a gift from the Lord Mayor of London. From this she'd take an occasional sip of champagne. Guests were given several kinds of wine by Madame Sarah's only alcoholic intake was Veuve Cliquot in minute quantities. Although she herself ate practically nothing, she was exacting about the food that was passed to her guests. She'd taste a morsel or spoonful of every dish, every sauce, every crouton served, and if any item failed to come up to her standard she thought nothing of summoning the cook and berating the poor wretch in fron of the present company. It need hardly be stated that Sarah Bernhardt's cooks came and went in a constantly passing parade. Invitations to meals chez Sarah were sought after by many and afforded only to the choice.

Bean curd sticks weken

Simon and Garfunkel

For informal get-togethers with their friends, Simon and Farfunkel have adapted an old-Time New York favorite, Potato Pancakes, as appetizer. The basic recipe is the same; only the size is different. For bite-sized appetizers, spoon the mixture with a teaspoon. As a main course, use this recipe.

Potato Pancakes (serves 4)

4 large potatoes
1 onion
2 tablespoons flour
1 teaspoon salt

Grate potatoes into the milk. Grate the onkon into the mixture. Add flour and salt and mix well. Spoon mixture one tablespoon at a time into hot oil. Brown on one side, then turn. Drain on a paper towel, and serve piping hot with apple sauce or sour cream.

Witte "truffels" van Callebaut chocolade
Met Callebout hagelslag (€ 4,-/ons...)

President Harding

President Harding was today initiated into the country's most famous camping club. Having motored out from Washington before noon, he was resting tonight in a secluded camp...The President took the place left vacant by the death of the naturalist, John Burroughs, in the famous club, comprising Thomas A. Edison, Harvey S. Firestone, Henry Ford, and Burroughs...The President and his companions 'fell to' a hearty lunch, which was awaiting them on arrival...The Party ate off a trick table with a revolving center said to have been designed by Edison. The revolving center piece worked by the simple process of giving it a pull when one wanted something reposing on the other side. After lunch the camp chairs were placed under a shady sycamore and pipes and cigars were lighted. Harding, sitting near Edison, asked the inventor what he did for recreation. 'You don't sleep much' remarked Harding. 'Do you eat much?' 'No, I don't eat much,' answered Edison... The group then drifted into a discussion on eating and the President enlarged on his pet theory that most people over eat, stating that he had gone for five days without eating, taking only water. Henry Ford took his turn with the ax before Mr. Harding arrived. He piled it with vigor for several minutes, collecting a stack of firewood. Edison stole away while Ford was so engaged, but came back a little later with the announcement that he found a mint bed. 'I've got the mint,' he announced with a smile. 'Whose got the julep?' Long before the Hardings were expected the clear Blue Ridge mountain air was assailed by the odor of wood smoke ascending from the kitchen. Mingled with it were the smell of roasting Virginia ham, lamb chops, sweet corn, and vegetables.

Gekookte zwarte split-mungbonen

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