donderdag 14 februari 2013

Larousse Gastronomique


Definition used in the south of France, which applies, according to the district, Languedoc or Provence, to preparations which, although they differ somewhat, are all made of garlic.
     Firstly, aillade sauce, a sort of vinaigrette, with garlic and sometimes including shallots, chives and other garnishes. Aillade sauce is served with cold meat and fish, with potatoes and, generally, with all dishes served à la vinaigrette.
     Secondly, bread à l'aillade, a slice of toasted bread, thoroughly rubbed with garlic, and sprinkled with olive oil. This aillade in Provence is the equivalent of  'garlic capon' in Languedoc.
     Certain authors also mention other regional preparations known under the name of aillade. Among these are:
     Aillade albigeoise which is nothing more than an aioli.
     Aillade à la toulousaine, which is also aioli but incorporates a certain quantity of blanched and pounded wallnuts.
     All these preparations are very appetizing but something of an acquired taste, garlic being their outstanding characteristic. They are excellent for seasoning salads.