zaterdag 14 september 2013


Károly Gundel

The trend in modern music is the creation of cacophony, random mixture and the dissolving sounds, the emphasis of rhythm over melody,... the search for exotic effects. Gastronomy as a form of art is searching for harmony in both the preparation of dishes and the selection of menus,... and in this coincides with musical trends only in that it searches for novelty.

Imre Gundel

It is great luck that gastronomy is the most conservative of the arts. We are not looking for novelty for its own sake, for the bizarre, for the cacophony of flavours, for the disharmony of colors and disquieting trends of the various 'isms'.

Ferenc Gundel

My dear mother used to stand in the circle of stoves, tasting the various dishes. She'd add a few drops of lemon juice, a few grams of herbs, a little butter, cream, or cognac. I am convinced that just these few drops and grams raised the fame of Gundel, and through it, the perstige of Hungarian Cuisine.

Gundel's Hungarian Cookbook, 38e druk, 1988.

(Ik zette er ff een plaatje voor je bij RB, en vanavond schrijf ik er over)