zondag 8 oktober 2017

Sommige culinaire schrijvers

Vandaag weer eens inkopen

Gedroogde ananas

worden door Nederlandse culinaire schrijvers niet gelezen

Daar kunnen ze met hun pet niet bij...

Ze snappen de subtiele humor niet, want daarvan hebben ze zelf nul niente...

Clement Freud

Geen familie van de "schele hagedis" of van Jonas van de Walvis van Mangiare
Wel familie van de schilder en van de "Weense kwakzalver"

I approve of people who enter the kitchen with a spirit of adventure. I am in favour of those who read cookery books as if they were novels, put them down, and decide to go it alone. Unfortunately, when it comes to making pastry the improvising all-action culinary wizz-kids gets scant reward for his enterprise. The reason for this is that unless luck shines on his countenance the way luck never shone on mine, chancing his arm with flour, fat and liquid provides an end-product that is inferior to that achieved by those who religiously follow the well-documented paths of the basic recipe.

Freud on Food

Oftewel koks wegen niet, patissiers wel

Heerlijk voor paprikasaus en -soep

M F K Fisher

The only [oyster] stew I ever heard of made without either cream or milk, was from three gentle sisters. They spoke sadly at first, and then with that kind of quiet inner mirth that rises always in members of a family that liver together for several decades, when they begin unexpectedly to remember things. These three sisters sat in the hot California light under a eucalyptus tree, and laughed at last in spite of all the things in between, as they recalled the way they always ate oyster stew when they were children in New Hampshire.
It was a strange stew, and could not have been as handsome as one made with cream, but it was even better, the sisters murmured with politeness but a kind of stubborn sensuality. It had a stronger, finer smell, they said... And it tasted purer, more completely

The Art of Eating
1937 - 1990

Vergelijk dit met dat geneuzel over "mijn kippen" of "ons landgoed in Frankrijk" van die apeneukers van de Volkskrant...

Nigel Slater

I never actually met anyone who doesn't enjoy a KitKat. Although I have come across plenty, including one or two pathetically snooty foodies, who claim not to, I think they are lying. At the right moment, on the right day, a finger of KitKat is almost irresistible.
Yet one wonders whether it is the chocolate and wafer itself, or something else, that is the real attraction. Yes, it's a perfect nice bar, but I can't help thinking that its chief draw is the memory it evokes of the lost ritual of KitKat-eating: the indescribably enjoyable art that used to be involved in eating a bar of KitKat before some unimaginitive clot decided to repackage it.

Eating for England

Dille destillaat
Heel speciaal
Gaan we mee experimenteren

Zo'n aap van de Volkskrant of van NRC zou zich wel 10 keer bedenken voordat ie over KitKat gaat schrijven, want dan wordt ie afgezeken door zijn publiek. En terecht, want je moet dan namelijk wel heel erg goed kunnen schrijven, en dat kunnen ze bij lange na niet...

Je zal ze ook nooit zien schrijven over Witteman of Wilbrink, want daarin moeten ze de meester erkennen, al zal je ze moeten doodmartelen voordat ze het toegeven...

Popi schrijven over de besnorde pot Toklas, en The Oxford Companion to Food beter vinden dan de Larousse Gastronomique...
(Schitterend! Zie hier; alle links hier in een nieuw venster)

Geen woord over grote Nederlandse culischrijvers als Werumeus Buning, want daar hebben ze nog nooit van gehoord...

Geen woord over Pellaprat of Clément, want daar zijn ze te dom voor (Wit en Wil schrijven er wel over)...

Ramata di Milano ui